LG V20: Most Underrated Phone in 2016? Here are the Top 5 Best features

LG V20: Most Underrated Phone in 2016? Here are the Top 5 Best features

Top 5 Best features

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So these are the five best things about it number five is the deck so this phone

Has a headphone jack whom we won’t be able to take for granted much longer but?

The deck behind it is not just your normal typical digital-to-analog

Converter so the v20 is rocking a 32-bit hafiz quad deck for significantly

Improved headphone and speaker audio performance now the speaker’s themselves

I wouldn’t say are extraordinary I mean one of them is front-facing and they do

Get pretty good and loud so if that’s something you care about that’s a good

Sign but we’ll really hear the difference is with headphones might not

Necessarily notice a difference in audio quality right off the bat even with the

Great headphones that come with it but with the quad DAC what it will do is

Drive higher impedance headphones so if you have a higher-end headphones that

Require much more power even too much power to get much sound out of previous

Phones this one is up to the task you will be able to drive much higher

Impedance headphones with a quad a can be 20 so that is a nice bonus if you

Used to try to drive high-end headphones with a smartphone before you need to buy

Like a mobile DAC external to the phone so you carry around extra things you

Have to remember to take it with you have to do any of that with the v20 this

One will handle.


The Build

so number four is the hardware and just the overall build

Quality and fit and finish of the v20 it is a lot better than the g5 from earlier

This year that was a very high bar to clear but still this is a seriously well

Both phone this time around it’s a anybody aluminum phone from top to

Bottom and it actually is really it feels really light like it feels like it

Should be heavier for the size of the phone but it’s really balanced across

That size

In the hand the forehead is not too big the chin is not too big you got a pretty

Good use of space fitting a 5.7 inch quad HD display onto the front of this

Body size and it has a ton of bonuses its military grade shock resistant

Against drops it has a fingerprint reader on the back that’s really quick

And also doubles as your power button and the sleep/wake switch it has a 3200

Million power removable battery and the weight removes in this version is the

Button on the side that pops to back off and it is way cleaner than the g5 method

Which would just for shut down the phone immediately so you can open a back and

This way lets you take off the back without shutting down the phone which

You might want to do because there’s also expandable storage a micros card

Slot so those last two things right there the removable battery and

Expandable storage on a high-end smartphone by them kind of makes it

A rare breed


Secondary display

so number three is the secondary display this is an LG thing

For sure they did it in the 10 and I’m happy to keeping it going with the

V20 so it’s the secondary display right up in the top of the phone above the

Main display this second screen is like a dock for permanent shortcuts the

Things you might do often so toggles for some settings etc. some quick Wi-Fi

Toggle quick flashlight toggle obviously it’s even faster than dragging down the

Notification shade and then finding what you want selecting it because you can

Leave it there the entire time forever just one click

I do wish to things though one i wish i had more control over what exactly shows

Up on this top screen if I had my way I would have just one top screen

Permanently no swiping at all and I would just have this as a mixture of

Some apps and some shortcuts so we’ll have some of my favorite apps to launch

All the time and some of my favorite click settings toggles I could have my

Favorite twitter app and Phoenix up here I’d probably have a camera app shortcut

But also have like a Wi-Fi toggle Bluetooth pairing button probably a

Flashlight but as of right now it’s just whatever LG state and the other thing is

I’m still not sure about the position of the screen on the top of the phone

Especially for people with smaller hands than me

This is not easy to reach and if you’re trying to make a shortcut thing you want

To make it as accessible as possible so i don’t know maybe put it on the bottom

Of the phone maybe try another location other than up at the top above

Everything which is kind of a stretch for most people but that’s just me



The  cameras

so the number two best feature and Davey 20 is

These dual cameras on the back so it is also a very LG thing they’ve been doing

It before so no the iPhone is not the first one to dual cameras in fact this

Was not the first one LG did in previous phones with a g5 they didn’t v10 and

I’ve done entire video explaining all of the way dual cameras work and

Smartphones what they do

Why they’re useful so I’ll leave that video link below the like button if you

Want to check it out for those unfamiliar v20 is rocking 1 16 megapixel

Regular field of view camera and 18 megapixel hundred thirty-five degrees

Super wide angle camera so every phone with dual camera seems to have a

Different way of utilizing them and its LG way is pretty much purely for

Recreation sometimes for utility if you’re really close to a subject you

Want to get zoomed out wide but the imagery from the second camera doesn’t

Really get used to supplement the image from the first camera or vice versa

The totally independent cameras which you can switch between to get a

Different look and a super wide angle camera doe’s look really cool its kind

Of like that Gore look so the cameras look really fun plus there’s a bunch of

Other bonuses like having really good optical image stabilization their study

Shot too. Over video you have all your manual modes for photos and videos you

Have your raw photo capability you have you improved microphone for better

Sensitivity for recording audio and like loud environments so in general is

Shaping up to be a pretty great android smartphone camera and then last but not

Least the number one best feature of the LGBT 20 is the software this is like we

Mentioned earlier the first phone running out the box android seven-point

New get which is an interesting choice because this one is already skin so its

Android seven-point new get with the LG UI on top of it we’re going to see more

Android 7.1 skinned on some phones coming up very soon but until then we

Still get to see plenty of new gets features in action so there’s Google’s

In app search which lets you search your entire phone through all the apps

Installed you get does of course which optimizes apps for standby and while

This is a pre-production model i do have to mention the standby time has been

Actually amazing seriously impressive i slept for like 24 straight hours with

The second screen so on and I woke it up with ninety-six percent left so that

Kind of blew my mind still basically a full battery that’s nice you get the new

Vulcan ape for gaming performance with the apps that do support it

And you get a direct reply feature though it is already skinned and you get

The multi-window multitasking although that’s already skin too so believe it or

Not you might have noticed this already you get the choice to have no app drawer

And just have all your icons spread out across your home screens like it and I

Guess like an iPhone but that’s not a requirement of Android and or anything

That’s just an option here like pixel launcher is still thing don’t get

Worried but I thought that was pretty interesting and performance throughout

The whole OS as you can see on the phone has been pretty solid so it’s turned

Into a pretty complete package as far as android smartphones go you know the

Specs Snapdragon 820 Adriano 530 forgives ram 64 gigs of storage before you expand

It quick charges three. O USB type-c I mean it’s all that it’s still very LG

Meaning the cameras at the back are still that LG style with the dual


It’s still got that second display up at the top and you can only let LG choose

What can go there when and all the other things like the skin that’s on top of

The software but as of right now this is still the only phone that you can get

Out the box with android seven-point new get it turns out to be a really good one

So i wouldn’t turn you away from it should check it out below.

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