iOS 10 Hidden Features - Top 50 List
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iOS 10 Hidden Features - Top 50 List

Top 50 iOS 10 Hidden Features, Secrets + Cool Tips & Tricks Apple Didn't Tell Us About! The Best of iOS 10 You Didn't Know.
Just watch the video while you are reading the features one by one to understand what has been changed exactly.

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1) Installing iOS10 Will Give You Capacity/Storage Rises By-200MB.
2) Back To App No Longer Overlaps Coverage Bars.
3) New Cellular 3D Touch Toggle On Settings.
4) Control Center 3D Toggles.
5) Control Center Panes Stay Where You Left Them.
6) Colorful Control Center.
7) 3D Touch For Folders.
8) Moving Apps In Folders Is Contained.
9) Folders Have Cool Blur Now.
10) GIF/Photo Hub Built Into Messages.
11) Markup, Draw & Add Stickers Within Messages/
12) Individual Read Receipts.
13) Smarter SIRI Search Results.
14) Different Sound Of Typing.
15) Night Mode in Clock App.

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16) New Photo Details.
17) Edit Function Relocated.
18) Markup Images Built Into Photos.
19) New Brilliance Edit Function.
20) Live Photos Now Autoplay When Swiping.
21) Edit Live Photos WIthout Losing Live Function.
22) New Live Filters.
23) Live Photos Now Have Digital Stabilization.
24) Camera Loads Faster, Never Miss a Shot.
25) Reverse & Filters Buttons Swapped For Easier Use.
26) Location Of Resolution Swapped.
27) Music Isn’t Stopped When Opening Camera.
28) Handy Zoom Slider on iPad.
29) New Music App Options.
30) Clear All Notifications Now Easy.
31) Amazing New Vibration Pattern.
32) Apple Finally Added In Line Video, Play Video In Minimized State.
33) Video Resumes Playback After Unlocking.
34) Slide To Unlock Is Gone!
35) Raise To Wake This Is The Best Apple New Feature.
36) No More Game Center App.
37) iOS 10 Remembers Where You Parked
38) Maps Pans & Has Much More Useful Navigation.
39) After Zooming In On Location In Maps Will Provide Current Weather.
40) Maps Also Provides Air Quality Reports In Polluted Areas.

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41) Maps Can Now Avoid Tolls.
42) Many More Stock iOS Widget Available.
43) Mail Will Prompt You To Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists.
44) Delete System Apps.
45) Rich Notifications.
46) Safari Supports Unlimited Amount Of Tabs In iOS 10.
47) Categories Tab In Appstore Is Back.
48) Restarting Is Now Better Then Previous.
49) When Restarting, iOS 10 Jumps Straight To Home Page.
50) Clean Lock Landscape Lock Screen On iPad.

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i have the note 3 and i cant afford buying a newer mobile while this guy is blending an s7 edge,. life is not fair !